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Lullaby Sleep Solutions

Sleep training isn't just about getting your child to sleep.......

You may have a VERY sleep baby and wonder why she isn't falling asleep.  The answer is that infants don't know how to put themselves to sleep.  They need their parents to create a regular routine and remain consistent with a daily schedule in order to thrive.  As many parents have discovered though, sleep routines for children can be very confusing to figure out.  This is because even young infants have biological needs that don't always seem logical to adults.  Parents need to learn about these needs and utilize new routines to avoid having a sleep deprived child. 

I believe it needs to involve educating you about WHY babies need a specific sleep routine.  I also know that each family has different beliefs and needs.  Therefore I am knowledgeable about many different sleep training methods so that I can help you choose the method you are most comfortable with.

Kristen ALWAYS recommends safe sleeping habits endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics to reduce the risk of injury or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS.)  These include but are not limited to:

  • ALWAYS place babies on their backs to sleep.

  • Place babies to sleep on a firm surface with snug fitting sheets.

  • Keep all loose or soft objects out of the crib.  These include pillows, loose blankets, stuffed animals, and bumper pads. 

  • Keep the room temperature below 67 degrees fahrenheit to avoid overheating.

  • Offer a pacifier during sleep.

  • Babies may sleep in the same room as parents, but should not share the same bed.